Todd Breitling Unique Photographs and Paintings







Todd Breitling

Todd Breitling Unique Photographs and Paintings

Wilmington, DE


Originally from Wayne Pennsylvania, Todd began exploring creative ideas in the great outdoors during childhood. Mostly these explorations took place in his grandparent’s backyard. Here this curious boy found a wealth of rhododendron covered woods, crayfish filled creeks, and stagnant frog filled ponds begging to be explored. Not long after he began dabbling in photography to document his discoveries. Fascinated by the passage of time, the camera enabled him to slow down and capture those fleeting, intimate, once-in-a-lifetime moments that call to him so he can share them with others.

After graduating from college, Todd took a job as a traveling portrait photographer. His travels often led him to Philadelphia where he discovered a whole new universe of city lights and textures to explore and photograph. One day while trudging back to his car in the rain he noticed oil leaking from a car engine and the resulting slick it produced on the wet pavement. He was entranced by the intricate shapes and multitude of colors. Seeking to find more of these unique and fleeting patterns and shapes became his obsession. After it rains, Todd can often be found in parking lots and streets with his head down and camera in hand. The images he captures from these parking lot saunters reveals tremendous beauty to him. These fragile and delicate patterns do not last long so it’s important to him to capture and share these moments with the world.

Todd has over 125 photographs in his “Oil on Pavement” series to-date, many of which are currently on display in galleries in Delaware and Philadelphia. In addition to his various photography endeavors, Todd is also an accomplished, self taught painter. Most of his works are what have been termed “Organic Abstraction”. These works are a study in lines and the space they reside in with regard to contrasting colors and the dimensions they create.

Todd’s intention is to create a spontaneous visual journey for the eye.He is inspired to invoke the beauty and emotion of color in his work, acknowledging that the viewer’s experience creates their own interpretation of the meaning. Using oil, acrylic, and enamel in his paintings, his creative process is to explore emotional reactions to the combinations of colors and textures he layers on canvas. Todd creates detailed and intricate patterns within his paintings with a variety of painting knives and brushes. He also utilizes nontraditional techniques of painting with odd items such as syringes, pins, q‑tips, toothbrushes and spatulas to create different textures, patterns, and layers. Using the line on the canvas as a foundation for his creations, he then dramatically branches out into other patterns, forms, and symmetrical strokes to create a colorful palette for the viewer’s eye to explore.

Instead of philosophical interpretation, Todd wants the viewer’s eye to be saturated with the freedom to roam the canvas. He likens the experience to listening to jazz, a free flowing expression, that allows the colors and textures to elicit an emotional response. The manifestation of each painting is spontaneous and he is never quite sure how the painting will look as he believes being free from preset visualization of the piece releases the creative flow. His spontaneous mixture of patterns and lines is a metaphor for life and how we are never sure what is coming next ; a reminder to trust and enjoy the journey. Combined with his unique style using oils, acrylic, enamels and various oil mediums, Todd has created an original body of work. This wide range of influences serves to broaden his working environment where he has truly no boundaries to limit his burgeoning portfolio.

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Colorful Sidewalk Leaf by Todd Breitling


Leaves Decay by Todd Breitling


Wet Leaf Pile by Todd Breitling


Chopped and Frosty Leaves by Todd Breitling


Sketches of Leaves by Todd Breitling


Frosty Leaf Pile by Todd Breitling


Frost on Leaves by Todd Breitling


Frost Reflection by Todd Breitling


First Frost Leaf by Todd Breitling


I Await You by Todd Breitling


Furniture of Time by Todd Breitling


Three Wet Leaves by Todd Breitling


Leaf Formations by Todd Breitling


Ebb and Flow by Todd Breitling


Brown Red and Yellow Leaves by Todd Breitling


Leave Lines by Todd Breitling


Leaf Design by Todd Breitling


Leave Directions by Todd Breitling


Yellow and Red Frost by Todd Breitling


Afterglow Leaves by Todd Breitling


Leaf Light by Todd Breitling


Leaf Veins by Todd Breitling


Tree Trunk Sky by Todd Breitling


Water Leaves by Todd Breitling


Rock Patterns by Todd Breitling


Autumn Reflection by Todd Breitling


Yellow Green and Red Leaves by Todd Breitling


November Leaf Study by Todd Breitling


Wet October Leaves by Todd Breitling


Lone Leaf Reflection by Todd Breitling


Fall Branch and Foliage by Todd Breitling


Over The Pond by Todd Breitling


Water Drops on Leaf by Todd Breitling


Pine Cones on Cedar by Todd Breitling


Wet Leaves by Todd Breitling


October Sky and Moon by Todd Breitling


Kilroy Was Here by Todd Breitling


Barcelona Apothekeri by Todd Breitling


Leaf with Pebbles by Todd Breitling


Wet October Leaf by Todd Breitling


Maple Leaf Triangle by Todd Breitling


Leaf in a Stream by Todd Breitling


Oak Leaf at Dusk by Todd Breitling


Summer Sidewalk Leaf by Todd Breitling


Two Leaves on Sidewalk by Todd Breitling


Shell on Boulder by Todd Breitling


Howling Huskies by Todd Breitling


Delaware Volunteers Monument by Todd Breitling